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Uncommon words 1

Temerity — Reckless boldness, rashness, foolhardiness Otiose — Ineffectual or futile. Superfluous. Idle. Quondam — At one time. Formerly. Perforce — Of necessity. Perlieu — A persons haunt or retreat. Outskirts. Environs. Advertisements

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Over the ocean

From cruising altitude it’s possible to observe the last moments of the day blink out over the horizons gentle curve. Around the Indonesian archipelago the ocean is a finely woven cloth of pink, orange and blue spotted with oily chains … Continue reading

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Less words

3. If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out. — The third of George Orwell’s five rules from his essay, “Politics and the English Language”. George would have been great at Twitter.

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Reading list 2011

These are all the books I read during 2011. I didn’t get as much reading time as usual. The road to Wigin Peir – George Orwell The island of the Colorblind – Oliver Sacks A Moveable Feast – Ernest Hemingway … Continue reading

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Reading list 2010

These are all the books I read during 2010. I felt that I’d been reading too many translated classics and decided to focus on books originally written in English. I also favoured 20th century writers as my reading fixation tended to … Continue reading

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First post

Another year and I’m having yet another shot at keeping a weblog of writing. If you’ve read this far and don’t know why, blame google. Comments are always closed.

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