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Joinery on the road

Wood does many things. One thing it does, is move. It swells and twists and bends over time. Most woodworkers consider wood movement a bad thing. Something else  I’ve learnt about wood is that it talks. Wood can tell stories and … Continue reading

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Uncommon words 2

Uxorious — excessively fond of or submissive to one’s wife. Nidify — to make or build a nest. Louche — dubious, shady or disreputable. Plangent — resonant and mournful in sound. Abjure — Swear off something, renounce.

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Strange Fruit

Harvested 16/10/2011 It was always considered mine. It had even been given a name — the ugly one. By the time it had grown barely rounder than a fingernail it was resolutely off course, flourishing in folds and tangled on … Continue reading

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Bukowski on the Economy

The depression is here although the govt. prefers to call it a “recession.” Which reminds me of the old one: a recession is when your friends are out of jobs, a depression is when you’re out of one. It’s at … Continue reading

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