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A handful of wood shavings

On a weekend camping among trees with blue sky in the day and a fire at night, I feed it with a box of off cuts I’ve saved for this exact purpose. “They’re called Mu Hua”, she explains as I … Continue reading

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Literary Crimes

I once stole 1984 from the English department storeroom. It wasn’t the only book I acquired that way, but the Orwell is the one I remember. Petty thievery might have been the only subject I excelled at in high school, … Continue reading

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Niagara Dam

Few sights in the Goldfieds typifies the unbridled ambition of the Goldrush era than Niagra Dam. Prospectors drawn to the desert by their thirst for gold were all too often defeated by a thirst for water. The importance of a … Continue reading

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