Dovetailed Hello World

Box. Pine, 3×3.5×3 inches.

I made this box as a woodworking version of writing the ‘hello world’ program when first learning a programming language  — a simple, but complete thing, done to grasp some basic concepts. Using hand tools requires an understanding of not only how to use the tool but equally, how the tool wants to be used.  A saw bucks in the cut if drawn outside of a preferred pitch, planes become as obstinate as a perfectionist compelled to accept the merely adequate if the blade is extended the smidgen too far, and an unsharpened chisel will tear out end grain  like a landslide through mountainside forest. Tools are upfront about saying what is not to their liking. When their voice changes from a grumble and growl to a crisp, eager, confiding  is when the pleasure in work prevails


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