A new old saw

Rip saw before and after

One weekend I took a handsaw and length of timber and cut it until it was too short to make any more cuts. At the end I had two things – a pile of firewood and the ability to saw square and plumb. I had one saw. It was as blunter an old man’s opinion on pop music, so I learned to sharpen it. It worked a lot better. I started to scour second hand stores and flea markets and acquired a few more old saws that might not have been used for 30 years. The were rusted and dull and broken.

I bought this 5 ppi Diston rip saw from a junk store for $3. “Many people buy those to put up on the wall of their bar” the owner said as I handed him the coins. I told him I wasn’t interested in decoration and intended to use it to saw wood. And so I did and it does. I shaped a new Jarrah handle since the old one had cracked in the rain. Perhaps not the most elegant looking saw but it is comfortable in the hand and entirely functional.


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