Brand new knife

Marking knife. Sheoak. Brass, 7.5 inches.

I’ve wanted a proper marking knife to replace the plastic xacto blade I’d been using for the past year. Derek Cohen, a local woodworker I regard highly, makes a pretty nice one but he doesn’t sell them, and I expect that if he did they would be priced well beyond my budget.

So I made one this afternoon from a branch of Sheoak, a thick scalpel blade and a brass ring that serves some purpose a plumber could better tell you about. I don’t have a lathe so I had to shape it by hand with plane, chisel and rasp, which gave it a an irregular shape that nonetheless contours nicely to my grip. Several coats of linseed oil and a few more of wax to finish, impart a silky feel that seems far too luxurious for a tool.


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