Completed wedged through tenons

Wedged through tenons
Stool. Pine.

Ages ago I posted a picture of a wedged through tenon I’d made on a stool I was building. At the time I intended to paint it to cover the horrible wood but some people on the internet made some suggestions that had me reconsider.

With my usual glacial work rate, I put a seat on the frame a few weekends ago then took another week to give it a couple layers of linseed oil and a final layer of rubbed wax. The oil darkened the Jarrah wedges to almost black, which I think looks pretty ok. I’m glad I was talked out of the paint job.

The seat is about an inch thick, edged joined in two parts with the curving end grain nicely lining up into a wave. The surface of the seat is randomly speckled with elongated spots I believe are caused by a disease in the tree. With the oil finish and seen in sunlight the spots have a shimmering, translucent appearance like spiralling galaxys or skittering mosquito larvae in a pond.


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