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Reading list 2013

These are all the books I read during 2013. All except for three of them were read on the kindle which is now my prefered way of reading. A Clergyman’s Daughter – George Orwell Nocturnes – Kazuo Ishiguro Invitation to … Continue reading

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Baked Lemon Cheesecake

Some guy down the road has a lemon tree with a surplus of fruit. Each day he offers to the neighbourhood two or three on the top of his letter box and each evening during my walk I take two … Continue reading

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Weekend beachcomb

My wife and I took a walk around the estuary in Australind on the weekend and there were many hundreds of these collected in the grass and rocks along the shoreline. They have the shape of a water washed stone … Continue reading

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Milk paint

If everyone jumped off a cliff, I wouldn’t follow. But I would be curious as to why lots of people were all doing the same thing. Sometimes there is wisdom in the masses. And so it is with the trend … Continue reading

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Uncommon words 3

Irascible — Marked by hot temper. Easily provoked. Insouciance — A relaxed and happy way of acting. Perfidy — Behaviour that is not loyal or to be trusted. Inveigle — To dishonestly persuade someone to do something they don’t want … Continue reading

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Reading list 2012

These are all the books I read during 2012. The Journal of Best Practices – David Finch The Trial – Franz Kafka A Cabinetmakers Notebook – James Krenov A cave in the snow – Vicki Mackenzie Oasis of the North … Continue reading

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Completed wedged through tenons

Stool. Pine. Ages ago I posted a picture of a wedged through tenon I’d made on a stool I was building. At the time I intended to paint it to cover the horrible wood but some people on the internet … Continue reading

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Wedged through tenons

Wedged through tenons. Pine with Jarrah wedge. I made some wedged through tenons on a stool I’m making out of some spectacularly fugly pine. I thought through tenons would be a fun technique to try and wedging them with a … Continue reading

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I don’t even own a TV

In the evening, in the pub, you will not find everybody talking about what they saw on TV the previous night. Amazing as it may seem, they can still speak of what really interests them. They have not yet entirely … Continue reading

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Brand new knife

Marking knife. Sheoak. Brass, 7.5 inches. I’ve wanted a proper marking knife to replace the plastic xacto blade I’d been using for the past year. Derek Cohen, a local woodworker I regard highly, makes a pretty nice one but he … Continue reading

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