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The first Jiaozi

The first Jiaozi I ate tried to kill me. It happened in China as I’d sought refuge from the stiffening effect of winter, in a restaurant warmed by the steam used as their sole cooking method. The menu was equally limited; Baozi or Jiaozi. I generally defaulted to … Continue reading

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A handful of wood shavings

On a weekend camping among trees with blue sky in the day and a fire at night, I feed it with a box of off cuts I’ve saved for this exact purpose. “They’re called Mu Hua”, she explains as I … Continue reading

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Literary Crimes

I once stole 1984 from the English department storeroom. It wasn’t the only book I acquired that way, but the Orwell is the one I remember. Petty thievery might have been the only subject I excelled at in high school, … Continue reading

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