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I don’t even own a TV

In the evening, in the pub, you will not find everybody talking about what they saw on TV the previous night. Amazing as it may seem, they can still speak of what really interests them. They have not yet entirely … Continue reading

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In opposition to multitasking

       “There!” said John, surveying his work with great apparent satisfaction — “finished.”        “What is finished?” asked Benny, “your nail- box?”        “No,” said John; “only the two parallelopipedons for the two sides. See!”        So saying, he handed … Continue reading

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Bukowski on the Economy

The depression is here although the govt. prefers to call it a “recession.” Which reminds me of the old one: a recession is when your friends are out of jobs, a depression is when you’re out of one. It’s at … Continue reading

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